Cell Pattern Release Method Certification (formally CMR)

Expand your abilities, watch your clients get better results and see your business grow…

I am excited to be announcing a practitioner certification training that I was inspired to develop. The method is called Cell Pattern Release Method (CPRM). (formally Cell Memory Release Method (CMR)

It took me over three years of use with clients myself before I knew it was time to share this effective tool with other practitioners The Cell Pattern Release Method Certification Course is the result!

As I mentioned, I was inspired to create the CPRM. From my training and experience as an Emotional Healer, Certified Rebirther and my own experience using TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), I recognized that there was a need from some clients to clear trapped emotions and trauma that they were holding on a body level. We were not able to access these body level memories, using the other tools I possessed.

Why invest in the Cell Pattern Release Method Certification Course?

  • “Modern science has typically localized consciousness in the brain, but recent studies have shown evidence of consciousness showing up in the heart, the gut, and parts of individual cells.” -Deb Lange, Modern Day Elder and Futurist.
  • Do you have clients that seem to have unresolved issues? Have you wondered if there are stored emotions or trauma on a physical body level, that may prevent them finishing their process with you? Learn a new tool to help clear layers of stored memories and emotions on the body level, and help your clients to finish what they start with you!
  • The Cell Pattern Release Method can be used with clients that have issues with physical illness, releasing trapped emotions, PTSD or trauma release, COVID 19 effects, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, weight problems, dealing with fear, birth trauma, birthing preparation for mothers, death and transition preparation, relationship and intimacy problems and much more!
  • The Cell Pattern Release Method is an interactive process that includes client witnessing, muscle testing verification and other steps from a “Heart Connected Space” to achieve the results it does.
  • Cell Pattern Release Method is complimentary with other modalities such as Massage Therapy and other body work, Birth and Death Doula support, Talk Therapy, as well as other energy work such as Reiki, Theta Healing and others…
  • Being a Certified Cell Pattern Release Method Practitioner allows you to add another tool to work with your clients ONLINE or IN PERSON. Adding more effective tools to serve your clients needs, can only help your business grow.

This course at the present time being delivered in two ways:

In a LIVE ONLINE GROUP SETTING (two full days) along with access to additional course content online.

In a LIVE IN PERSON GROUP SETTING (two full days) along with access to additional course content online.

In this LIVE TWO DAY interactive course you will learn:

  • Why the Cell Pattern Release Method was created.
  • Experience a LIVE CPRM session done with a volunteer.
  • Experience a LIVE Group CPRM session.
  • Learn all the CPRM steps and how to use them
  • Other advanced methods and tools to use with clients.
  • Experience TWO CPRM practice sessions, one as a client then one as the practitioner and MORE…
  • Experience a CPRM Self Treatment session.
  • YOU WILL ALSO HAVE ACCESS TO: Additional course content online including…actual client CPRM session audio recordings with teaching commentary; the CPRM Self Treatment method; Practitioner and Client guided meditations, the CPRM Practitioner Facebook group support, CPRM practitioner/student session shares and more!
  • Check out the additional online content here included in the course purchase: https://cellmemoryreleasemethod.thinkific.com/courses/CMRmethod

CPRM Practitioner Testimonials

Shannon Edgett – Certified CPRM Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Mindset Maven. Check out Shannon’s Mindset Maven page at https://www.facebook.com/MindsetMaven/

Michele Arsenault – Certified CPRM Practitioner and Instructor, RMT, RRT, Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Cranialsacral Therapist, Acupuncture Therapist, Spiritual Alignment Connection, Access Bars and much more. Check out her website at vmtb.ca

Linda Lang – Certified CPRM Practitioner, Master Healer, Transformational Guide and Mentor, Podcast Host (Exploring the Mystical Side of Life). Check out Linda’s website and podcasts at https://thoughtchange.com/

CPRM Certification Course FAQ’s

Can working with clients online using the Cell Pattern Release Method be as effective as working in person?

Yes! Since developing and using this method with clients both in person and online, I have found that both are effective. The actual process is about having the client witness areas in their own body, they are able to do this both online and in person.

Is there a set time frame for me to complete this Certification course?

No. Once you have purchased access and attended the LIVE ONLINE or IN-PERSON portion of the course, you can continue to access the rest of the online course content as needed. Once you have completed three CPRM Sessions with three different volunteer clients, your CPRM Certification is complete! Once completed and verified, you will receive your certification and be able to promote and use the Cell Pattern Release Method with clients. Of course, it is best to complete the content as soon as you can, to allow you to integrate what you have learned and experienced in your volunteer sessions more easily.

Do you offer further support for the CPRM after I have completed it?

Yes! We offer One on One CMR Method and Developing Your Intuitive Self (with Donna Somerville) Mentoring sessions at a reasonable fee to help answer any issues or questions you might have when working with clients. The course even though it gives you a great foundation and some of the client issues that I have encountered in sessions does not cover every scenario you might encounter with your clients. As well, I have created an online Facebook CPRM Certification group that you can access to post your questions to myself and other CPRM Practitioners and students. I will be doing LIVE Facebook video chats as well as CPRM Session Shares periodically, where you can give and receive a FREE CPRM session! Great way to build experience and confidence using the method, and to just receive help with something you need assistance with.

Can I download the course content to access offline?

Yes and no. This course is delivered LIVE online in a group format. You will also have access to an online account that has all the course content delivered LIVE to review anytime! Some of that course content is available for download, some is not. The content is mostly in audio format, with some video content , text and PDF (downloadable). Of course access to the online course content does not expire.

Can I change and use the CPRM the way I am inspired too to fit the needs of my clients?

Yes! The Cell Pattern Release Method course is to teach you the method I was inspired to use with clients the way I work with clients. As a practitioner of many modalities, I have at times been inspired to change the methods I was taught in the training I had originally received. This was to best serve the client I was working with. I of course want you to do feel comfortable doing the same if you are inspired too. My goal is to give you the foundation of what the CPRM that you can definitely follow with your clients, but if you are inspired to make it something better and more effective, please do!

Can I teach the CPRM to others?

Yes, if you decide to become a Cell Pattern Release Method Instructor. Contact me if you wish more details on becoming a Cell Pattern Release Method Instructor.


Date: Saturday March 18th and Sunday 19th

Location: IN PERSON @ Vitality Massage, Woodstock NB


Michele Arsenault, Certified CPRM Practitioner and Instructor.

For information or to register please contact Michele at https://vitality.noterro.com/book-online/service/81502/Cell-Pattern-Release-Method

Date: Saturday April 22nd and Sunday 23rd

Location: LIVE ONLINE using ZOOM

Investment: $425 CAD (payment plan available)


David Somerville, Certified CPRM Practitioner, Instructor and Creator.

For information or to register please contact David using the contact box below.

If you have any questions about the CPRM Practitioner Certification course, a session or have interest in becoming a Certified CPRM Instructor, please contact me below.

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