Healing Weight Issues

Healing Weight Issues

The Healing Weight Issues program is a series of sessions to:

  1. Uncover and transform beliefs and patterns we were taught or carry unconsciously around food and eating. These patterns could come from us as a baby, beliefs from our ancestors around survival or other unconscious beliefs.
  2. Transform unconscious emotional attachments from past relationships and our parents. Over eating can be a response to the intense feelings that these emotional attachments with others can cause.
  3. Clear trauma and emotions trapped in the body.  When we have trapped emotional energy in our body, we can use food as a way to self medicate these intense unconscious feelings.

Sessions are done long distance ONLY.

During a session David is very reassuring, empathetic and understanding. He will always put me at ease. I feel honored to have connected with someone with genuine healing gifts. Thank you David.

R. M. – Vancouver BC, Canada

​$110 CAD per session. (Canada ONLY) $120 CAD (Inter. incl. PayPal fee)

Please contact me today and we can begin your journey to wellness.


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