Healing Relationships

The Healing Relationships program is a series of sessions to:

  1. Uncover and transform beliefs and patterns we were taught or carry unconsciously. These beliefs can sabotage our relationships and keep us attracting the “wrong” type of partner over and over again.
  2. Clear unconscious emotional attachments from past relationships and our parents. These attachments can keep us from being unable to move on from past relationships emotionally and limit the deeper emotional connection we desire in our current relationships.
  3. Clearing trauma and emotions trapped in the body that can affect intimacy with our partners, closeness to family and friends, as well as our own self worth.

Sessions are done long distance ONLY.

It has taken me over 40 years of meditation, personal healing work, developing my abilities to connect to high vibrational energy and working with clients to be able to access this method of energetic work that I offer to you, in service. I feel so good since our session. My relationships are different, I am different. More grown up, more secure. I don’t feel terrified like before. Even the people around me have changed, especially my husband.”

S. G. Woodstock, NB Canada

​$110 CAD per session. (Canada ONLY) $120 CAD (Inter. incl. PayPal fee)

Please contact me today and we can begin your journey to better relationships.


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