Readings with David

What would it be like to have an expanded view of your life?

What if you could communicate with your Soul Essence, Guides or your Higher Self, that has this expanded view of your life journey?

What if you could gain a greater understanding of how your life is unfolding and how to flow it life instead of against it with this guidance?

That is what a Soul Essence Reading is all about.

Here is are the Soul Essence Reading details:

This session is available ONLINE via ZOOM or phone ONLY.

In this reading, I connect through the Creator of All That Is, and become a “radio” for YOUR Soul Essence.

The channeled messages that that come through me can give you this higher perspective of your life journey.

In doing so, this can help you understand, embrace or let go of aspects of your life that you struggle with. To gain a understanding of why your life is going the way it is and what you can do to help transform it into the life you really desire on all levels.

In the reading you may receive…

  1. An opening channeled message from the “Soul Essence” of you.

These tend to be the current areas of your life that your Soul Essence wishes you to be conscious of.

  1. Space for two questions are answered that you would send me prior to the session as well as any questions that arise from the reading itself.

This channeled reading will be 35 to 45 min in length, recorded in MP3 format for your to download to listen to again.

35 – 45 min readingSPECIAL PRICE TIL END OF JUNE

$95 (Canada ONLY) or $105 (Int incl. PayPal fee)

Reg. price $110 (Canada ONLY) or $120 (Int incl. PayPal fee)

​If you wish to book a Soul Essence Reading with David or have questions, please email:

As an Intuitive Reader for over 30 years, using Soul Cards, David connects to your Spiritual Support System, to give you messages and answer questions around any area of life you need assistance in.  

Some example areas of focus:

Relationships, health issues, manifesting abundance, self worth issues, grief, Spiritual development, any area really!

​The reading is recorded in MP3 format and available long distance ONLY via ZOOM or phone.

30 min reading – $70 (Canada ONLY) or $78 (Int incl. PayPal fee)

60 min reading – $110 (Canada ONLY) or $120 (Int incl. PayPal fee)

​If you wish to book a Soul Card Reading with David or have questions, please email:

Do you ever get stuck making decision between 2 or more choices and cannot decide which one makes the most sense for you?

I get people all the time coming for a reading that are stuck like that needing help and guidance in helping them choose what is best for them.

Some real questions I have encountered in a reading were…

– Should I stay in this relationship or leave?

– Would it serve me best to stay at my current job or should I leave and explore a new position with a new company?

– Which of these 4 job opportunities are the best for me?

– I am thinking of moving to 3 possible locations. Which would be the best place to live for me?

– I am looking to attend college this fall. Which of the 3 colleges would be the best one for me?

Out of this need for guidance, I was inspired to create… “TIMELINE READINGS with David”.

In a “TIMELINE READING”, you can bring 2 or more possible choices to the reading. As an intuitive, I will become a “RADIO TO YOUR GUIDES” and will be shown specific information around each possible choice that I will share with you.

With this information you can gain a perspective for each choice, allowing you the power to make the best choice for yourself, the choice that will resonate with you.

​The reading is recorded in MP3 format and available long distance ONLY via ZOOM or phone.

30 min reading – $70 (Canada ONLY) or $78 (Int incl. PayPal fee)

60 min reading – $110 (Canada ONLY) or $120 (Int incl. PayPal fee)

​If you wish to book a TIMELINE READING with David or have questions, please email:

Client Feedback…

Thank you so much for the reading. 

I found the information enlightening. 

I enjoyed how you knew I had questions and answered them without me saying a word! thank you so much David! A service I would highly recommend to anyone!

– D.C., Saint John NB Canada

“This reading was most effective. The best way to describe it would be to say that my plug had been pulled out of the outlet and now it is plugged back in. My heart felt so much lighter and my head as well. It was like all the dust in the corners had been taken up in a vacuum cleaner hose. Or that pieces of a puzzle had been put back in place. Almost like things I knew had been misplaced were found. I am still feeling lighter and ‘tuned in’….like a radio dial needed a slight adjustment to get rid of the static.

-C.D., Moncton. NB Canada

“Overall the session clearly explained in easy to understand terms a road map to get out of my own way. And stumbling blocks I have placed in my way were clearly identified and made perfect sense to me. The ‘mind’ likes to be in charge and now with the new tools I received during the session I can make better choices in silencing it…with love of course!

-F. M., Fredericton, NB Canada

“Very interesting work, and would like to connect again in the future.” 

-Dr. B. New Jersey USA.”

Everything I do is to help you uncover and be the person you really are and came to be. Contact me to book a session or if you have any questions

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