David Somerville

Emotional Healer and Theta Healing Practitioner. Intuitive.

Using a variety of methods, we can help you overcome all kinds of issues such as physical illnesses, problems in relationships, overcoming fear, depression, trauma, addictions, self worth issues, creating what you desire and more!

“We have the power to change who we have been taught we are, so we can become who we really are.” – David Somerville

Transforming limiting beliefs, Heart Level attachments & Body Level cell memories.

Listen to “Exploring the Mystical Side of Life” podcast with Linda Lang and David Somerville: Creating Heart Connection with Yourself

This is my talk on how stored Cellular Memory can affect wellness in the body and how using the Cell Memory Release Method can clear this memory.

About the Sessions

I offer a FREE 15 min “Discovery call” that we can discuss what you need help with, what the session is all about and whether the session is right for you.

Sessions can help in many areas of your life like relationships, pain relief, health, abundance, finding the joy of living, really anywhere you feel stuck in your life. A session may focus on the Mind, Heart or Body Levels. We use muscle testing to confirm what level(s) the problem resides we need to focus on.

Clearing trapped emotions, memories and changing beliefs can happen in layers over multiple sessions.

Why wait another minute in your life? Choose to uncover and transform what is in the way from you experiencing the relationships and life you desire!

All session work is done long distance via ZOOM or phone. Each 1 hr session is $110 ($120 outside of Canada) and are recorded in MP3 format for easy download.

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David Somerville
Emotional Healer, Belief Coach, Vibrational Healer and Intuitive

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Tuned to your Soul Vibration. Works to re-align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to support your well being.

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