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Cell Memory Release (CMR) and Theta Healing Practitioner. Intuitive.

Using a variety of methods, we can help you overcome all kinds of issues such as physical illnesses, problems in relationships, creating what you desire, overcoming fear, depression, trauma, addictions, self worth issues and much much more!

“We have the power to change who we have been taught we are, so we can become who we really are.” – David Somerville

Transforming limiting beliefs, Heart Level attachments & Body Level memories.

Expand your abilities, watch your clients get better results and see your business grow…

I am excited to be announcing the launch of an NEW online practitioner certification course that took me over three years to develop called The Cell Memory Release Method (CMR) Certification Course.

I was inspired to create the CMR Method. From my training and experience as an Emotional Healer, Certified Rebirther and my own experience using TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), I recognized that there was a need from some clients to clear trapped emotions and trauma that they were holding on a body level. We were not able to access these memories, using the other tools I possess, including Theta Healing and Reiki. I really want to share this method with others!

In developing this course and testing with various practitioners, I have come to realize that it is a excellent complimentary tool with many modalities. Another great thing is, the CMR Method can be used ONLINE or In Person.

As the creator of the course , I am offering you the opportunity to investigate the CMR Method further.

Here is the link to access the course information page:


What affects our lives can reside on 3 levels…

Wellness lies in the balanced communication of Heart, Mind and Body.

David Somerville
Mind Level Limiting Beliefs

In a Transformative Belief Work session, we use a Heart connected Theta Healing method. The goal is to uncover and transform unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns you may have from this life, other lives and genetic programs from your ancestors.

These beliefs being unconscious can keep us having the same negative thinking, create conflict with what we truly want inside over and over again. We can be powerless to them unless they are made conscious and changed, allowing our True Inner Self be our expression going forward in life. Some common issues that can be resolved are… blocks to abundance, relationship issues, negative thinking, self worth or feeling stuck in any way in your life.

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Heart Level Attachments

In a Heart Cord Repair session, we use a Heart connected interactive process of energetic string cutting with two purposes: To clear attachments with people in your life you wish a stronger relationship with OR to clear attachments with people that no longer serve your journey. These can be old or current relationships, family or anyone you feel an attachment to, living or deceased.

Body Level Cell Memories

The Cellular Memory Release (CMR) session is an interactive process that can help release stored memories and emotions you may carry on a body level, without having to relive them! These memories lie dormant until triggered by some life experience you are having. You might recognize these memories as they can manifest as fear response, addictions, birth trauma, depression, pain or physical issues in your body, COVID and other trauma and many others. They can also be other unconscious memories from this life or from your ancestors. Once cleared, the body can come into balance again, allowing the body’s own self healing process to happen naturally.

About the Sessions

I offer a FREE 15 min “Discovery call” that we can discuss what you need help with, what the session is all about and whether the session is right for you.

Sessions can help in many areas of your life like relationships, pain relief, health, abundance, finding the joy of living, really anywhere you feel stuck in your life. A session may focus on the Mind, Heart or Body Levels. We use muscle testing to confirm what level(s) the problem resides we need to focus on.

Clearing trapped emotions, memories and changing beliefs can happen in layers over multiple sessions.

All session work is done long distance via ZOOM or phone. Each 1 hr session is $110 ($120 outside of Canada) and are recorded in MP3 format for easy download.

Why wait another minute in your life? Choose to uncover and transform what is in the way from you experiencing the relationships and life you desire!

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David Somerville
Emotional Healer, Belief Coach, Vibrational Healer and Intuitive

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