About David

David began his spiritual journey early in life, seeking understanding for life’s experiences and healing from his own depression and addiction.  His seeking carried him into circles of meditation, intuitive development and then into the holistic healing arts and sciences.

Now, over 28 years later, his training includes ThetaHealing®, Heart Cord Repair, MariEl, Reiki Master, Cellular Pattern Release, Certified Breathwork (Rebirthing), Oneness Blessing Giver, Reflexology and Trauma Release Exercises. As well, David is an Ordained Rev.in the Order of Melchizedek.

Today, David uses his experience and training to help people discover and remove limiting beliefs that they learned at a young age or were born with as well as clear cellular memories and trauma that the body may hold. This free’s them to express their TRUE SELF, and live the life they desire, happy with who they are, enjoying the life they live.

What People Say

During a session David is very reassuring, empathetic and understanding and will always put me at ease. His flexibility work over Zoom and different time zones is so convenient. I feel honored to have connected with someone with genuine healing gifts. Thank you David.

R. M. – Vancouver BC, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session yesterday. I really helped and I feel like an old Karmic tie has been lifted from me.

Lee M. – Fredericton, NB Canada

I feel so good since our session. My relationships are different, I am different. More grown up, more secure. I don’t feel terrified like before. Even the people around me have changed, especially my husband.

S. G.- Woodstock, NB Canada

Thank you for helping me recover. I am more positive and doing well now. I think I got my grit back. I will be forever grateful for what you did for me.

S. G.- Singapore

Great David! Thank you so much. I started doing the exercises and I feel better already. Everything you said made total sense

J. C. – Thailand

David embodies what it means to be on the frontier of Creation. In one session, he was able to literally free my third eye. You may not know your true value to me Sir, but please know that you are a vital piece to the awakening of another Human Being.

A. F. – Wisconsin USA

Let’s begin to uncover the REAL YOU together.

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