Healing Trauma

The Healing Trauma program is a series of sessions to:

  1. Uncover and transform limiting or unsupportive beliefs and patterns we were taught or carry unconsciously. These beliefs can be the source of poor self worth issues as well as cause us to unconsciously attract trauma into our lives over and over again.
  2. Clear unconscious emotional attachments from past relationships and our parents. These attachments can keep us from being unable to be express and be ourselves emotionally as well as limit our trust of allowing the deeper emotional connections we desire to have with others.
  3. Clear trauma and emotions trapped in the body that keeps us living in a fight, flight or freeze response. This trapped energy can affect our ability to get close to others, as well as our own self care.

Sessions are done long distance ONLY.

Thank you for helping me recover. I am more positive and doing well now. I think I got my grit back! I will be forever grateful for what you did for me.

S. G. – Singapore

​$110 CAD per session. (Canada ONLY) $120 CAD (Inter. incl. PayPal fee)

Please contact me today and we can begin your journey to wellness.


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