Cell Pattern Release Method 2 Day LIVE ZOOM Training (formally CMR)

This course is being delivered in a LIVE ONLINE ZOOM GROUP SETTING (two full days) along with access to additional course content online. The focus of the 2 Day LIVE ZOOM training is mostly about learning the Cell Pattern Release steps and practical experience.

UPCOMING: CPRM Practitioner Certification Course training is on Saturday March 18th and Sunday March 19th (in person) in Woodstock NB with Michele Arsenault AND Saturday April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd (LIVE online ZOOM event) with David Somerville.

In this TWO DAY LIVE ZOOM interactive course you will learn:

  • Why the CMR Method was created.
  • Experience a LIVE CMR session done with a volunteer.
  • Experience a LIVE Group CMR session.
  • Learn all the CMR Method steps and how to use them
  • Other advanced methods and tools to use with clients.
  • Experience TWO CMR practice sessions, one as a client then one as the practitioner and MORE…
  • Experience a CMR Method Self Treatment.
  • WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE 2 DAY CMR METHOD TRAINING, YOU WILL ALSO HAVE ACCESS TO: the full course content online including…the CMR Method steps, actual client CMR session audio recordings with teaching commentary; the CMR Self Treatment method; Practitioner and Client guided meditations, the CMR Method Practitioner Facebook group support and more!

CMR Practitioner Testimonials

Shannon Edgett – Certified CMR Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Mindset Maven. Check out Shannon’s Mindset Maven page at https://www.facebook.com/MindsetMaven/

Michele Arsenault – Certified CMR Practitioner, RMT, RRT, Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Cranialsacral Therapist, Acupuncture Therapist, Spiritual Alignment Connection, Access Bars and much more. Check out her website at vmtb.ca

Linda Lang – Certified CMR Practitioner, Master Healer, Transformational Guide and Mentor, Podcast Host (Exploring the Mystical Side of Life). Check out Linda’s website and podcasts at https://thoughtchange.com/

CMR Method Certification Course FAQ’s

Can working with clients online using the CMR Method be as effective as working in person?

Yes! Since developing and using this method with clients both in person and online, I have found that both are effective. The actual process is about having the client witness areas in their own body, they are able to do this both online and in person.

Is there a set time frame for me to complete this Certification course?

No. Once you have purchased access and attended the LIVE ONLINE portion of the course, you can continue to access the rest of the online course content as needed. Once you have completed three CMR Sessions with three different volunteer clients, your CMR Method Certification is complete! Once completed and verified, you will receive your certification and be able to promote and use the CMR Method with clients. Of course, it is best to complete the content as soon as you can, to allow you to integrate what you have learned and experienced in your volunteer sessions more easily.

Do you offer further support for the CMR Method after I have completed it?

Yes! We offer One on One CMR Method and Developing Your Intuitive Self (with Donna Somerville) Mentoring sessions at a reasonable fee to help answer any issues or questions you might have when working with clients. The course even though it gives you a great foundation and some of the client issues that I have encountered in sessions does not cover every scenario you might encounter with your clients. As well, I have created an online Facebook CMR Method group that you can access to post your questions to myself and other CMR Method Practitioners. I will be doing LIVE Facebook video chats too!

Can I download the course content to access offline?

Yes and no. This course is delivered LIVE online in a group format. You will also have access to an online account that has all the course content delivered LIVE to review anytime! Some of that course content is available for download, some is not. The content is mostly in audio format, with some video content , text and PDF (downloadable). Of course access to the online course content does not expire.

Can I change and use the CMR Method the way I am inspired too to fit the needs of my clients?

Yes! The CMR Method course is to teach you the method I was inspired to use with clients the way I work with clients. As a practitioner of many modalities, I have at times been inspired to change the methods I was taught in the training I had originally received. This was to best serve the client I was working with. I of course want you to do feel comfortable doing the same if you are inspired too. My goal is to give you the foundation of what the CMR Method that you can definitely follow with your clients, but if you are inspired to make it something better and more effective, please do!

Can I teach the CMR Method to others?

This will be available soon! I am currently creating a CMR Method Instructors training process! I am excited to be able to certify CMR Method Practitioners to help teach this wonderful method to other practitioners. Look for more details around this the CMR Method Instructors Certification coming soon!

Instructor: David Somerville, Certified CMR Method Practitioner, Instructor and Creator.

If you have any questions or wish to register for the CMR Method Certification Course please contact me.

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