“The I AM Speaks…”

I am pleased to be offering The I AM Speaks Channeled Private & Group Readings. Since I first explored being an intuitive healer and reader since the late 80’s, I have a few times explored channeled readings in different ways.

In this channeled reading, I become a radio for direct messages from a group of Spiritual Guides called “The I AM”. The I AM are a collective of energies who’s purpose is help support us through the Human experience we have chosen to incarnate into.

When you experience a private or group ONLINE channeled session, you will have access to support from “The I AM’s” collective wisdom and an expanded point of view of your life, why you are here, what you are going through now and where you might be heading.

Some example areas of focus:

Relationships, health issues, Spiritual questions, personal development, manifesting abundance, self worth issues, other personal issues, world issues, any area really!

The reading is recorded in MP3 format and available long distance ONLY via Google MEET or phone.

​​Each PRIVATE I AM Channeled Reading includes 35 – 45 min of channeled information and room for questions.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE! (for a limited time)

$80* CAD (Canada ONLY) or $88* CAD (Int incl. PayPal fee)

(*Regular price – $120 CAD and $130 CAD)

Each GROUP I AM Channeled Reading includes 50 – 60 min of channeled information and room for questions. Depending on the group size, not every participant will get a message or question.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE! (for a limited time)

$90* CAD (Canada ONLY) or $100* CAD (Int incl. PayPal fee)

(*Regular price – $150 CAD and $165 CAD)

​If you wish to book an I AM Channeled Private or Group Reading with David or have questions, please email: info@transformativebeliefwork.com

Client Feedback…

“I appreciate David’s capacity to bring in wisdom, guidance and support. I really appreciated the opportunity to be present during the readings. I often felt the energy being transmitted along with words. I recommend his channelings to those who wish to deepen their understanding of themselves, and the times we live in.”

J. M., Charlottetown PEI Canada

“For anyone searching for a broader perspective on who we are and why we are here, I would highly recommend David’s “I AM Speaks” channeling. Not only will you receive answers to your questions, you will also learn how to see beyond the ‘Q&A’ to achieve a new level of ‘universal knowingness’.

J. F., Fredericton NB Canada

“I participated in The I AM Speaks group channeling with David. It was an amazing experience. Besides the question I put forward the responses to others questions were relevant to my life in some way so I got lots of learnings from the process.”

– B. M., Charlottetown, PEI Canada

David’s channeled work is fascinating. The I AM Presence brought new insights for me, as well as energy shifts. I’ve listened to the recorded message many times to help it sink in.

– Linda Lang, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

“I was very impressed on how well you can clear yourself to let some really interesting and helpful knowledge flow through. I felt good with my interaction with your connections and the information that flowed. Well done. As a person you have a really genuine and authentic way about you, which will do you in good stead doing this channeling work.”

-M. G. Bathurst NB Canada

Working with David’s “I AM Speaks” channeling group has changed the way I deal with cravings for coffee and food. Before, when I had a craving, I could not resist it- there was no way to control it. Through teachings that were channeled, I learned how to connect with the I AM myself, and listen, and actually hear what it was I really needed. I got a healing from the I AM immediately- I’ve had some releases that made me cry, and the craving was done.

-J. C. Shenzhen, China.”

Everything I do is to help you uncover and be the person you really are and came to be. Contact me to book a session or if you have any questions

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