Vibrational Re-Alignment Attunements

The goal of this series of 5 Vibrational Re-Alignment Attunements is to help re-align physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To support your well being.

The main focus I have used these Vibrational Re-Alignment Attunements in the past with clients was around physical issues including cancer, chronic illness, pain, PTSD, trauma, depression, addiction as well as supporting changes we have done after they have completed a Cell Memory Release session. I have even worked with a client in helping them expand their consciousness, supporting their ascension process.

As a Vibrational Healer, I use your name to tune into your “Soul Vibration”. Like a radio, I become like a lens to focus the vibrational energy being channeled through me to your body from Creation. Your body will know what to do with the energy it receives.

Each illness of the body has an energetic pattern to it. The initial series of attunements has a goal to “disrupt” the energetic structure of the illness in the body. Then the next stage is to create a new energetic resonance pattern of wellness in your body. Finally, the last attunement(s) is generally to help “seal” this new energetic pattern of wellness in your body.

Sessions are done long distance ONLY.

The attunements are generally done over a two week period, as I am guided to do them. The energy can continue to support your journey, even after the attunements are completed. Nothing is required by you other that to be open to receive them. I maybe given the focus of the each attunement to share with you once each attunement is completed.

It has taken me over 40 years of meditation, personal healing work, developing my abilities to connect to high vibrational energy and working with clients to be able to access this method of energetic work that I offer to you, in service.”

​$125 CAD – 5 attunements. (Canada ONLY) $138 CAD (Inter. incl. PayPal fee)

If you feel this session resonates with you, please contact me today and we can set up the series of 5 Vibrational Re-Alignment Attunements. 


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