Cell Memory Release Method Certification (CMR)

Expand your abilities, watch your clients get better results and see your business grow…

I am excited to be announcing the launch of a NEW practitioner certification training that I was inspired to develop. The method is called Cell Memory Release (CMR).

It took me over three years of use with clients myself before I knew it was time to share this effective tool with other practitioners The Cell Memory Release Method (CMR) Certification Course is the result!

This course at the present time being delivered in a group setting LIVE Online (One evening and full day) along with access to additional course content online.

As I mentioned, I was inspired to create the CMR Method. From my training and experience as an Emotional Healer, Certified Rebirther and my own experience using TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), I recognized that there was a need from some clients to clear trapped emotions and trauma that they were holding on a body level. We were not able to access these body level memories, using the other tools I possessed.

I really want to share the Cell Memory Release Method with others!

In developing this course and testing with various practitioners, I have come to realize that it is a excellent complimentary tool with many modalities including Theta Healing, Reiki, Talk Therapy, Massage Therapy and others. Another great thing is, the CMR Method can be used ONLINE or In Person.

As the creator of the course, I am would love to offer you the opportunity to investigate the Cell Memory Release Method further.

Here is the link to access the course information page:


If you have any questions or are interested in the signing up to the next CMR Method training, please contact me below.

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